I pray, dear Traveller,
that no matter how much
the hands of time keep us apart,
our fates remain intertwined

in spite of our pasts,
with hope for a future
that only we will know.

Distant Legacy is a SFW, PG-13 Genshin Impact zine that aims to showcase original character designs existing across Teyvat's timeline.All proceeds of Distant Legacy will be donated to charity. This A5-sized zine will be available both as a physical zine and a digital PDF. The zine is planned to feature 60+ pages of multifaceted OCs that would be a collaboration between 20-22 page artists, 4-6 merch artists and 8 writers.


Currently on: Layout Period

    Please read through the application guidelines below:
    Distant Legacy's Information Document

    Application links



    Dates are subject to change to accommodate
    both Moderators and Contributors' schedules!

    Interest CheckSept 5 - Nov 5
    Contributor Applications OpenDecember 20
    Contributor Applications CloseJanuary 20
    Contributor Applications ResultsJanuary - February
    Final Contributor OnboardingFebruary 25
    Pitch Proposal & AcceptanceMarch 4 - 11
    Check-in #1March 30
    Check-in #2June 16
    Check-in #3June 30
    Artwork submissionJuly 5
    Zine Layout FinishedJuly - October 31
    PreordersNovember 10 - December 10


    What is a zine?A fanzine is a compilation of creative works, typically artwork and written pieces, based around a theme.
    Age restriction to enter this zine.All contributors must be 16 years old or older.
    Is this zine set in canonverse?This zine will be set in the canon Teyvat timeline and universe alongside the canon characters. However, OCs will be the main focus of the zine, with canon characters taking on more secondary/background roles.
    Are ships allowed?Between OCs, yes! OC x canon, no.
    Do I need to have an OC to apply for the zine?Having an already-designed OC is not required but recommended to apply. You will be given time to create a new OC for this zine or even perfect your non-fully fleshed out OC!
    Can I bring an existing OC to the zine or do I have to create a new one from scratch?For pre-existing OCs, please keep in mind that for this zine, any pre-existing stories/lore you may have for them may not fit depending on which section of Teyvat’s timeline you’re asked to explore. Being open to changing their story, or creating an AU for them for this zine, is recommended. You will also be required to create entirely new art/writing of your character that’s specific to this zine.
    Can I contribute multiple OCs to this project?For page count and weight reasons, each contributor will only be allowed to bring one (1) OC to this project.
    Do I need zine experience to apply?No zine experience is needed to apply! The mods are more than happy to welcome those new to zines, and have plenty of experience to help contributors in every step of the process.
    Will my ship and content preferences affect my chances of acceptance?Though this zine is strictly SFW and PG-13, applicants will not be rejected based on what they post on their personal social media accounts.
    Can I apply as both an artist and a writer?Yes, but you will only be accepted for one position.
    Can I stream or post WIPs of my piece?No.